Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Super Secret Knitting

Here is a few pieces of my latest knitting project. It's a big secret what it is, except that only my big sister doesn't know. But now you have to guess. I should be done with it soon, I think I'm halfway done. I also recently decided my favorite thing to do in knitting was ribbing. I just think it's gorgeous.
In other news, Here is my latest hero. Her name is Stargirl and It's my little sister's hero. She projects any kind of energy and has a special ring that stores and attracts energy, and also plays a large role in how she gets her powers. I started working on her story, but today I'm not creative enough to think of anything. It goes something along the line of this: She gets this ring from her grandma that she really likes. Her grandma dies and she is sad. The family stops at a gas station on the way home from her funeral in the middle of an electric storm and the ring attracts the bolt of lightning. The properties of the ring combined with her DNA and the bolt create a new strand of her DNA, giving her her incredible powers.
I guess that's all for today, Thanks for reading my blog, Sky Girl.

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