Friday, July 11, 2008

Pets, Plastic, and Purses!

I'm so happy we finally got a cat! His name is supposed to be Nanuk, but it's a little weird sounding to walk around saying Nanuk! Nanuk! Nanuk! So, we were thinking of renaming him Jasper, Finley, or mabye perhaps Simon. My favorite name is Jasper. He's half Persian and half Siamese so he's really fluffy and beautiful.

Now to the plastic! These are my favored Jelly Shoes! Just today I got the grey ones, but I've had the blue ones and also a pair of clear ones for several weeks. I'm really excited I spotted the grey ones though, because they are much more Sky Girl worthy than the clear ones. I can't wait until I get a grey cape (sarong) and blue headband! Then I'll be completely Sky Girl!

Last but not least, the purses! I really need a new purse, but Target ran out of the Wonder Woman purses and I can't find any cute ones! I have a simple solution, however! I will sew my own! I've been craving a new sewing project anyway! It's obviously going to be blue and grey, and I already have the blue, so all I need is a nice grey! I can't wait!

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Alana said...

What a cute kitty!!