Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Munchkin Monkeys, and The Long Legged One

Green Monkey:"Ughhh! your too big! go away!
These are my Munchkin Monkeys. They are only half way done though. I actually started these before I even made my blog. I'm making one for my old alternate teacher's baby, one for my friend Loren, one for my friend that collects sock monkeys, her name is Renee, and one for me.
I call this picture, "The Royal Reject." I call it that because the munchkins are all together, and poor little, erm, I mean big, Long Legged Monkey with the crown coat of arms is all by himself. A reject, but still loved by me. Long Legged is the one I'm making for me.

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Alana said...

Siggy! What a talented girl you are! I can't believe all of the awesome stuff you know how to make!