Thursday, June 26, 2008

Impulsive Sewing

I spent yesterday making a barbie dress. It was kind of random. I just got the urge to sew. I made it out of some ran over fabric from the garage. It's really nice fabric. It's white with red, yellow, blue, and green stripes. I made the top piece first, and it fit fine, but I had to rip the stiches on the side so I could sew all the pieces together. So, When I finished it looked like this...

Looks fantastic! But, unfortunately, when I sewed the sides of all the pieces, the top piece wouldn't fit anymore, and the middle piece was worse. I only made it half way up her hips.

Today though, I tried making a skirt. When I first made it, the front was the outside of the fabric, and the back was the inside. But, thanks to my trusty seamripper, I finished it. It was my first finished sewing project, made only by me. Here is my model, Chelsea, showing off her new look.